Hi. We’re Heather and Paul, and we’re probably much like your average middle to late middle-aged American couple. Married, divorcees, kids, traditional education, traditional careers, lots of responsibility, limited funds, yadda, yadda, yadda,,,, add a few more yaddas.

And also much like the average American couple – or person for that matterĀ – we too dream about getting out of the rat race to do something that feels more fulfilling to us both individually and as a couple, and this desire grows stronger as we grow older and watch time turn. Through a very introspective process and hours upon hours upon hours of conversation, we’ve concluded that the life we dream of is both valid and achievable, and we’re the ones holding us back.

This site is dedicated to sharing what we’ve learned in our journey to realize what we dream of. And we sincerely hope that any tidbits of information in this site can also help you in your journey to realize the life you dream of, whatever it may be.

Here are our LinkedIn profiles for your entertainment ….

Heather Schlueter

Paul Schlueter