Going Grey -Yes it can be very attractive!

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Yep! It’s a big decision, but it could very well be the best decision you’ll ever make. I’m talking about going grey!

Here at The Freedom Strategy, we’re all about helping you live Your Life. Your Dreams. Your Way. It’s all about creating a future for yourself where you’re totally free. Free of all of the trappings of society (big house, big cars, and big hair care bill!)

We all know by now that coloring your hair is not only time consuming, it’s also expensive. What better way to obtain freedom for your future than to get rid of the endless cycle of coloring your hair!

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Check out my latest video on The Freedom Strategy YouTube Channel to get 3 tips to Going Grey and still being sexy! Yes, it can be done!

Here are 3 easy tips to going grey and still feeling attractive!

  • Do it for yourself! It’s a long journey and if you’re not committed to it for yourself, then it will be pretty difficult to make it to the end. Be confident in your decision!
  • Don’t let everything else go! Just because you’re making the decision to give up the hair dye doesn’t mean that you should let everything else about you go too.
  • Cut your hair as short as you can. This is very much a personal preference, but if you go a short as you’re comfortable going, then the growout process will be faster.

I applaud you for jumping on the going grey jouney. It’s not an easy one, but I’m here to help!

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