5 Ways to Make Money Online

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Here at the Freedom Strategy, we’re all about helping you find your path to the life and dreams you want. But let’s be honest…. it does take at least a wee bit of cash to make that happen. You might need a little or a lot depending on your own vision, but you’ll likely need at least some type of funds. So let’s talk about Ways to Make Money Online.

Ways to Make Money Online Cash in Hand

For so many of us, being tied to our desk job sucks. It totally gets in the way of getting out and doing the things you really want to do – travel, volunteer, start your own business… the list is endless. So let’s fix that, shall we? Welcome to the world of ways to make money online. Some are pretty easy, and some take tons of work, but you’re sure to find something here that will fit into your life and timeframe.

5 Ways to Make Money Online

  • Sell your stuff

You know that fancy kitchen blender you bought but never use? Sell it! How about the 3 or 4 bicycles that sit in your garage just waiting to be ridden… for the last 2 years? Sell them! How about the name brand clothing in your closet just hanging around? Sell it all! You’d be amazed at how many things you have collected that you simply don’t use. All of those things are worth $$$! Someone wants it and will pay for it. And in today’s world of online sites and apps, it couldn’t be easier. Just sign yourself up for LetGo or OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and the tried and true Craigslist, and watch your stuff disappear and your Freedom Fund appear! It’s so easy!

  • Monetize your hobby

Do you love to paint beautiful watercolors but have no more room to hang them? Are you so good at organizing your stuff that your friends are always asking for you to help them? Turn your hobbies into cold hard cash. Sell your services or crafts on Craigslist or Etsy and you’ll be pulling in the dough in no time.

  • Become an affiliate for products you love

You already love to brag about that new whatchamathingy you just bought or the this-is-the-best-meal-delivery-service-EVER! thing you signed up for. So you might as well get paid for spreading the word. Yes, most products and services have referral programs that pay you real money every time someone you send to them buys something or signs up for that service.

  • Freelance

Do people always compliment your gorgeous vacation photos or videos? You can sell all of these hobbies and skills. Just put a free ad on the Facebook marketplace or join one of the specialized sites to sell your skills (such as Upwork for photography freelance or Fiverr for freelance writing) and people will be more than happy to pay you for what you already love to do.

  • Blog

This one takes a bit more work, but it is also a long-term sustainable money-making option. Start a blog on a topic that lights your fire. Your passion. It can be food, fitness, dogs, birds, boats, kite-flying… whatever. You pick it and write about it. Keep it up and in a matter of time, you’ll be able to monetize it in a number of ways. Ads, products, sponsored posts… they’re all out there waiting for you. This one takes some time and dedication, but can be WAY worth it in the long run.

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So what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone or laptop and pick one (or two… or all) of these ways to make money online. Right now! Go on…. you can do it. You’ve gotta start somewhere, so just start. Start your freedom fund. Today! You’ve got this! (And if you’re worried about “what others will think” then you should probably read this post on success.)

Check out my YouTube Video: Ways to Make Money Online

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